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Subject: Alternative to entities?

Hello all!

We are setting up a DocBook environment for user documentation here and need 
a way of defining constant text strings, for example our product name and 
other "official" names which 1) might be changed in the future and 2) we 
want to be sure to have consistent caseing and other formatting as well.

I guess the obvious mechanism would be entities as described e.g. by
So far, so good. But our choice of editor is XMLMind which unfortunately 
expands all %entity references when reading a document with the contents of 
the entity, thus making the whole idea useless after writing the xml file 
back to disk.

Does anybody have any suggestions on alternate methods for accomplishing the 
same thing? It feels wrong to misuse DocBook because of an incomplete tool, 
but the XMLMind editor has a number of verynice features why I am reluctant 
to switching the whole company to another editor. I have googled for others 
with the same problem, but not found anything. Grateful for any suggestions, 
including makefile/perl hacks if no "native" DocBook mechanism could be 


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