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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ooo2dbk : From OpenOffice.org to DocBook

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Laurent Godard wrote:

> ooo2dbk is an independant script allowing then batch processing of 
> OpenOffice.org documents

Does this mean that it will work with versions of OO.o which do NOT have 
access to a JRE?

(I.e. do not have any means of installing XSLT filtering?)

And on an off-topic, but allied, note: does anyone on this list know how 
to add JRE recognition to an OO.o that was installed without it?  I've 
hunted all over for info on this, but can't find a thing.  Do I REALLY 
have to blow away my complete OO.o installation only to then have to 
re-install it, just to get it to recognise that I now have JRE installed? 
I can't believe this.  Tell me I'm wrong, someone.

Martin Wheeler   -   StarTEXT / AVALONIX - Glastonbury - BA6 9PH - England
mwheeler@startext.co.uk                http://www.startext.co.uk/mwheeler/
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