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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ooo2dbk : From OpenOffice.org to DocBook


> Does this mean that it will work with versions of OO.o which do NOT have 
> access to a JRE?
> (I.e. do not have any means of installing XSLT filtering?)

ooo2dbk is a python script that need an XSLT processor such as xsltproc 
or SAXON, or any other else which is configured in the ooo2dbk 
configuration file (config.xml or ooo2dbk.xml depending on how recent is 
the version you are using).

> And on an off-topic, but allied, note: does anyone on this list know how 
> to add JRE recognition to an OO.o that was installed without it?  I've 
> hunted all over for info on this, but can't find a thing.  Do I REALLY 
> have to blow away my complete OO.o installation only to then have to 
> re-install it, just to get it to recognise that I now have JRE 
> installed? I can't believe this.  Tell me I'm wrong, someone.

yes you are  ;)

in the case of OpenOffice.org,
shutdown OOo
launch the <ooo>/program/jvmsetup program and specify your JRE
<ooo> stands for your installation directory

Then restart OOo

modifying this inside OOo will be possible in the coming OOo2.0



Laurent Godard <lgodard@indesko.com> - Ingénierie OpenOffice.org
Indesko >> http://www.indesko.com
Nuxeo CPS >> http://www.nuxeo.com - http://www.cps-project.org
Livre "Programmation OpenOffice.org", Eyrolles 2004

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