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Subject: Re: [docbook] java 1.5 and xsltc and endorsed stuff.

> So on 1.5 you can download the latest Xalan and Xerces from Apache, 
> put the
> jar files in your CLASSPATH, and just use them without conflict if you
> specify an org.apache class as your main.  I use Make, and I have had 
> no
> conflicts with the bundled xsltc stuff.

This is only if the transformer is used directly and not through JAXP. 
The problem arises when it is called through JAXP — it then uses what 
javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory returns, and the 
TransformerFactory itself is, naturally, the first one found in 

How to put Xalan's or Saxon's (6.5.3) TransformerFactory before the 
built-in xsltc, I don't know. XEP does just that, and calling 
transformation and formatting steps separately is the only workaround 
(or fixing bugs in xsltc).


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