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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Missing navigational links with XHTML chunking

> 1. This is all an issue with fast chunking.  The regular chunking
> stylesheets for both HTML and XHTML work ok.

I confirmed that. All navigational links are present when using chunk.xsl
without setting chunk.fast.

> 2.  Setting the chunk.fast parameter to 1 is not how fast chunking is to
> be
> done.  I thought so, and that is what my book says.  But further
> investigation shows that fast chunking is done by using the chunkfast.xsl
> stylesheet customization included with the distribution, instead of the
> chunk.xsl stylesheet.  That customization fixes up the headers and
> footers,
> among other things.  So I need to fix my book, and you need to put use
> chunkfast.xsl in your xsl:import statements in your customizations.

I tried the chunkfast.xsl, however, the "horizontal" navigation links
(Prev/Next) do not show up.



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