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Subject: How to insert admonition graphic filepath



The location of all my admonition graphics, eg Note is stored in C:/Program Files/DocBook/images


In, the XSL stylesheet, where do I define the location of the graphic note.png


My code in my ‘pdf.xsl’ is as follows:


xsl:attribute-set name="admonition.properties">

                        <xsl:attribute name="padding">.33em 0 0 5px</xsl:attribute>


                        <xsl:attribute name="border-left">1px solid</xsl:attribute>

                        <xsl:attribute name="border-color">

                                    <xsl:variable name="node" select="."/>


                                                <xsl:when test="name($node)='note'">

                                                <fo:external-graphic height="-1.0pt" scaling="uniform" space-before ="5pt" src=""file:///C%3A/Program%20Files/DocBook/images/orionlogosmall.png"" width="2.0pt">





                                                <xsl:when test="name($node)='warning'">#900</xsl:when>




Is this file declaration correct? This code above results in a X being displayed in the ‘Note’ box in the PDF.


Kind regards,


Supun Gunasena


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