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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: SGML to XML: Should I switch? How to switch?

Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> On 7/17/05, Mauritz Jeanson <mj@johanneberg.com> wrote:
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Thomas Schraitle
> [...  snip ...]
>>> I think, that's not the whole story: XML needs a public _and_
>>> a system identifier in the DOCTYPE declaration.
>> Just a small clarification: a valid XML document must have a system
>> identifier. It may also have a public identifier, but that is not required.
> Actually, a valid xml document doesn't need a doctype declaration at
> all. I never use them in my documents.

No and no. A valid XML document MUST have a DOCTYPE declaration. A 
merely well-formed document does not need one, but it is required for 

In order for a document to be valid the document type declaration must 
contain either a system identifier pointing to an external DTD subset or 
an internal DTD subset or both. A valid document may but does not have 
to have a public identifier. However XML does not allow public 
identifiers without system identifiers in DOCTYPE declarations. Even if 
you use the PUBLIC keyword, you most provide both a public ID and a 
system ID.

´╗┐Elliotte Rusty Harold  elharo@metalab.unc.edu
XML in a Nutshell 3rd Edition Just Published!

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