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Subject: About client-side imagemap generation

First, let me say I've been waiting for long for this feature and I was 
very happy when I found it was implemented. I must thank to all of you for 

But more problems came out.

1. I have not trully understood why calspair coordinates should express 
percentages. But I am ready to accept it.

2. When generating htmls, as Bob said, there is no need for the images to 
be present. They must be present when the resulted html is to be loaded in 
some browser. But for creating the imagemap with the current xsl 
stylesheets, the image size must be known in order to compute the 
percentual values of the coordinates. Now we have 2 options: use only 
nominal image sizes or use some processor that supports extensions and can 
get those sizes. Is xsltproc supported?

The question is where is the portability since you are forced to have the 
images present and in the final location and to use the Java based xalan 
or saxon processors.

Why not, at least, let us manually specify the sizes. If you specify them, 
you will get the "Warning: imagemaps not supported on scaled images".

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Data Security Division
e-mail: cstroie@bitdefender.com
tel: (+402) 1 233 07 80
fax: (+402) 1 233 07 63
gsm: (+40) 722 46 23 79
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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