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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XIncludes, olinks and the xref database

Hi Bob,

> But it would not be right to use the language feature for your purpose.
> Something like it should be implemented to permit a fallback sequence for a
> target when it isn't found where first expected.  If you are interested, I
> could send you details off-list of what I did and how this might be
> extended to handle your case.

So you propose to add a link fallback feature and always list the local 
document as the first target and the remote as second. But does a fallback 
make sense for non-local documents? How will the processor find out that a 
link is not available?

Meanwhile I think I found a solution: the prefer.internal.olink option allows 
to specify external targets in olinkdb.xml but prefers the local target if 

The problem with this solution is that I need unique ids within all my 
documents. If I make a mistake with that I'll get incorrect links.

Kind regards,


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