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Subject: Re: About client-side imagemap generation

/ Costin Stroie <cstroie@bitdefender.com> was heard to say:
| First, let me say I've been waiting for long for this feature and I was very
| happy when I found it was implemented. I must thank to all of you for it.
| But more problems came out.
| 1. I have not trully understood why calspair coordinates should express
| percentages. But I am ready to accept it.

Yeah, out of our hands. I'm sorely tempted to propose an extension to
use a more practical coordinate system.

| 2. When generating htmls, as Bob said, there is no need for the images to be
| present. They must be present when the resulted html is to be loaded in some
| browser. But for creating the imagemap with the current xsl stylesheets, the
| image size must be known in order to compute the percentual values of the
| coordinates. Now we have 2 options: use only nominal image sizes or use some
| processor that supports extensions and can get those sizes. Is xsltproc
| supported?

No. Alas.

| The question is where is the portability since you are forced to have the images
| present and in the final location and to use the Java based xalan or saxon
| processors.
| Why not, at least, let us manually specify the sizes. If you specify them, you
| will get the "Warning: imagemaps not supported on scaled images".

I haven't considered exactly what this would mean, and I'm not reading
the code right now, but are you suggesting that if a user specifies
the width and height of the image, the stylesheets should use those
values. That sounds reasonable, I think.

                                        Be seeing you,

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