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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Tool to query dtd/schema for valid element children|attributes[SOLVED]

Michael Smith wrote:

>>It surely does.  Out of the three tools you pointed out, this one runs 
>>the fastest.  Blisteringly so, in fact.  As with everything, however, 
>>there is a trade-off -- the minimum possible output size is double that 
>>of flatten running in default mode.
>hmm, I believe that is in part because it is expanding all the
>content models (that is, replacing all parameter entities with
>what they expand out to). There seems to be no way to prevent it
>from doing that (the --output-pe-decls option appears not to
>prevent it at least).
>Using the --strip-comments option will make it a bit smaller,

The output size I referred to was generated using the options '--strip 
comments' and '--output-whitespace:minimum'.

>>>And it can handle entities that have system IDs with remote URIs.
>>Not on my system, it couldn't
>Actually, what I meant was that it could handle remote system IDs
>that occur within a DTD.

Oops.  Memo to self: do not speed read emails.


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