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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Resources for Simplified DocBook v5?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the help.

> 1. Re test files, Norm has a bunch (sourceforge, or part of the
> download.. I think the former).

Hmm... SF is down and the download doesn't have them. Oh well, I'll get 
them later. But thanks for the pointer.
Oh, and I just found that there's an XSLT from v4 to v5. Great. I wasn't 
sure about going for v5.

> 2. I posted a valid subset (quite minimal really) to this list some time
> back, based on 5.0.

Thanks. I got the link from the other email. I don't really understand 
Relax NG yet. I only found out what Relax NG is a week ago and I only 
learned DTD yesterday :) I found some lecture notes on Relax NG. I'll 
read them, and then take a look at what you wrote.

I think it'll be useful. Part of the goal is to divide the work into 
meaningful subsets so I can feel I'm making progress.

      /\/`) http://oooauthors.org
     /\/_/  http://opendocumentfellowship.org
    \/_/    I am not over-weight, I am under-tall.

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