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Subject: Removing the index from the TOC

I am displaying chunked HTML in a frameset as a simple online help
system.  Both the TOC and index chunks are shown in one frame and every
other chunk is shown in another.  The TOC contains a link to the index
but in this case I need to remove that link.  There's another way for
users to switch between the TOC and index and since the link targets for
the TOC/index frame are in the other frame, clicking the "Index" link in
the TOC will open the index in the content pane (not the correct

How can I exclude the index from the TOC?  I've tried some XSLT
customizations but I haven't found the right spot yet.

The content is a book. I'm using html/chunk.xsl in version 1.69.1 of the
DocBook stylesheets.  My XSL processor is Saxon.  The OS is Windows.

Thanks for your help.

Peter Desjardins
SupplyScape Corporation

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