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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook toolchain tips

Ciao Luciano,

Quoting Luciano Scavizzi <feanorelf@gmail.com>:
> I am pushing my company to adopt Docbook as a "documentation
> standard", but, of course, my (questionable) personal charme is not a
> point good enough  to convince my colleagues and our senior
> management.

We introduced DocBook in my company a few years ago.
The best things for our management were (and still are):

- good tools available (Arbortext - expensive, XXE - cheap,
  any XML or text editor - most of them free)
- good XSL toolchain for free with good support for CHM
  (MS help format, which we need unfortunately)
- easy to create DocBook automatically from other sources
  using scripts etc.

The acceptance of DocBook is good, esp. the documentation
experts like it. But some writers miss an easy-to-use
graphical editor and do not like XXE, while others like it
very much. I use sometimes XXE, sometimes Emacs+nxml.
Some software developers like the "semantic approach" of
DocBook, some don't. So, it is possible to convince the
management and you don't necessarily get fired for that :-)


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