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Subject: 2 problems with pdfs

Hi there,

Thanks for all who have responded to my previous questions! Here I am still
battling with xsl-fo and fop. I'm using a snapshot of the stylesheets, and fop

I currently have two problems, and I've put up a pdf, the fo file and my xsl
customisation at http://mdke.org/tmp/docbook so that you can see them illustrated.

1. After an xref link I have the page number in brackets, however there is
sometimes a strange gap and weird rendering after this number. See for example
the first paragraph in section 3.3 on page 18 of the pdf file.

2. Sometimes footnotes do not appear for ulinks. See for example page 7 of the
pdf file, footnote 3. It is just missing?! I don't know why...

If anyone can help with these, I'd be really grateful! And any more comments on
the pdfs would also be appreciated. I'm very much a beginner.

thanks in advance,


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