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Subject: Please test DocBook XSL 1.70.1

Please take some time to download and test version 1.70.1 of the
DocBook XSL stylesheets. If there are any bugs or regressions
introduced in 1.70.0 in 1.70.1, it would be best to get them
identified and fixed as soon as possible.

You can do a single-user install/uninstall of 1.70.1 by following
these steps:

  1. Download and uncompress the release from:


     You can uncompress the release file anywhere on your system.
     It doesn't need to go in /usr/local (or wherever) and you
     should not put it under /usr/share/xml or anywhere that's
     under the control of your OS's package-management system.
     It's fine just to put it in your home directory.

  2. Run in the install.sh file in the release directory.

       $ ./install.sh

     That will set up your XML and SGML catalog environment so
     that it temporarily points to the place where you installed
     the 1.70.1. (The changes the install.sh file makes are
     non-destructive; it does not make any changes to your "real"
     catalog environment.)

  3. After you're done testing with 1.70.1, if you want to restore
     your catalog environment to its original settings, you can do
     so by running the uninstall.sh file:

       $ ./uninstall.sh




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