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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Better-looking DocBook XSL-FO stylesheets?

On Wednesday 07 March 2007 14:49, Hendy Irawan wrote:
> I've been able to (finally!) make the chapter title on the corner of the
> page... I have to put either 'bottom' or 'height' properties using fixed
> position. It doesn't seem a good solution though since it can span multiple
> lines which means is going to affect the main body flow. :( Style
> publishing is much harder than I had previously thought. 
> Replacing the default fonts with better ones (at the very least Arial
> Narrow, and Garamond/Georgia) is more refreshing. And I have other fonts
> too from Adobe, Linotype, ITC, ... but there's no way I would be able to
> embed those into an open-source stylesheet. :-( 
> Even the use of the "better" fonts is... well, questionable. (may require
> specific OS, and stuff... sigh) 
> But seriously, in publishing, isn't typography Everything?

Bit concerned here. Do people know that you cannot just send fonts around. 
They are licensed things like other bits of software.

As for fonts in stylesheets. Its quite easy to add/change fonts and pass them 
to a processor like FOP. So I don't understand the problem.

Typography is important, but then so is layout. I think Dave Pawson says it 
well. Keep it simple and clean so that the majority like and can use it. 
Fancy fonts, while they can be used, should be used sparingly. MHO.

Sean Wheller
Technical Author
email: sean@inwords.co.za
im: seanwhe@jabber.org
skype: seanwhe
cel: +27-84-854-9408
web: http://www.inwords.co.za

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