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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Database for docbook components (i.e. section, para, etc) questions

> Also, I would like to know if anyone uses Docbook components 
> in their Word documents. We have a marketing dept. that 
> insists on using the MS Word tools but the software 
> developers create docs in XML/Docbook. Can the two exist so 
> we only have to write one XML section and not both?

We deliver DocBook documents in MS Word format.  Some parts of the
audience need the content in MS Word so we publish DocBook > HTML > MS
Word.  It's a one-way conversion.  We do not take changes made in MS
Word and try to push them into the DocBook source.

This is a relatively recent publishing requirement so we are still
solving small problems.  Overall, the technique we are using works well
and the resulting MS Word files are in good shape.

Peter Desjardins

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