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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Going to DocBook 1.73

Marie Sauvage - EBM WebSourcing <marie.sauvage@ebmwebsourcing.com>, 2007-07-23 12:36 +0200:

>    For the pdf titlepage, the problem is the same with XEP (even worth : it
>    didn't find my logo...).

I think that particular problem is because you have this in your
customization layer:

  <fo:external-graphic src="file:../../resources/images/logo-petals-small.png" />

I don't think you can use the file: scheme with a relative
pathname. I believe that needs to be an absolute pathname.

>    But it work with no customization, only with the standard docbook fo.xsl.
>    I join to this mail a simple book and fo.xsl wich gave me the same results
>    : the fo.xsl just redefine the titlepage with book informations.
>    I had a look at the new titlepage.template.xsl and start to see what is
>    wrong in my stylesheet... naming has changed ! but adding a simple "d:"
>    before my attributes doesn't work (I didn't believe it will work but I
>    tested, who knows...). To write my book title I have this in the fo.xsl :
>                  <fo:block font-family="Helvetica"
>                            font-size="22pt"
>                            font-weight="bold"
>                            color="#5906a6"
>                            padding-before="10mm">
>                    <xsl:value-of select="bookinfo/title" />
>                  </fo:block>

I see that you have this in your customization layer:

  <xsl:import href="../docbook-xsl-ns-1.73.0/fo/docbook.xsl" />

Which means that you are importing the DocBook XSL-NS
(namespace-aware) stylesheets. Which is fine, but if that's the
case, then your customization layer also must be namespace-aware.
Which means you need to have something like the following in your
customization layer:

  <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"

That is, it must declare the docbook namespace and bind it to some
(arbitrary) prefix. And then, all XPath expressions in your
customization layer must use that namespace prefix. So, for
example, the xsl:value-of in you example above must instead be:

  <xsl:value-of select="d:bookinfo/d:title"/>

I've attached an updated version or you customization layer, with
namespace prefixes added. It should produce the results you want.




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