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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XSL stylesheets HTML output issues (bugs?)

Richard wrote:
> Thank you to all who replied so far.
>> [DaveP] How about updating your setup first?
> In this case, the stylesheets version is not the culprit. I tried with
>  the latest SourceForge.net release [1.73.2] just now to make sure, 
> and the relevant HTML is identical.

> To iterate: even using the param(s) I mentioned in the message
> you 
> replied to, the doctype is omitted (including with v1.73.2). 

Are you saying that is an accessibility issue, or an HTML validity issue?

> You asked for specific examples and details on the other points. I'm a
> little confused 
> as I tried to include some in the original mail? I'm more than happy to
> re-write 
> those parts if they don't  make the issues clear. Just to check please:
> It sounds as if those parts may not have come through for you? They
> show on the list web archives 
> [http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook/200710/msg00013.html] 

Sorry Richard. I hadn't connected the two emails. One about
developing using XSLT, the other about accessibility and validity.
My bad. Ian S. Worthington is the author? You sign yourself Richard.
I guess there's some confusion here.


Dave Pawson

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