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Subject: Font used for hyphenation-character

I'm attempting to insert a sensible continuation character for  
program listings.  I don't want to use "\" or "...", since there is a  
risk that the reader of the document would misinterpret those as  
characters to be typed.

So the effect I'm going for is this:


In that mock-up, I have three lines of text, all of which break.  The  
arrow indicates that the line is continued.

The Courier typeface doesn't provide the symbols that I want, so I'd  
ideally like to be able to insert the hyphenation character in the  
ZapfDingbats typeface.

Can this be achieved by modifying the XSLT stylesheets, or is the  
hyphenation the responsibility of the FO renderer (XEP in my case)?

I guess that I could look into performing the hyphenation manually in  
the XSLT - since the font in question is fixed-width, it might be  
easier than it would be in the general case.


Geraint North
Principal Engineer

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