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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: Table rendered badly with docbook xsl + xsl-fo

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Antti Karanta
>    Now that all the content of the table is displayed, there 
> is a problem  
> w/ the columns. In the table, the colprops are defined like this:
>        <colspec colnum='1' colname='c1' colwidth='1.00*'/>
>        <colspec colnum='2' colname='c2' colwidth='1.00*'/>
>        <colspec colnum='3' colname='c3' colwidth='1.00*'/>
>        <colspec colnum='4' colname='c4' colwidth='1.00*'/>
>        <colspec colnum='5' colname='c5' colwidth='2.00*'/>
>    What seems to happen is that the three fist columns are 
> displayed quite  
> wide, and the two last colums are written on top of each 
> other in the very  
> little space that is left. 

The value of the 'cols' attribute on <tgroup> is 3, which is wrong. Change
the value to 5, and the rendered table will look nicer.


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