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Subject: Getting Saxon XHTML to work

I'm trying to get Saxon to output XHTML. Following the instructions in
Bob's book I added the Saxon extensions to my customization layer:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<xsl:import href="../lib/docbook-xsl/xhtml/chunk.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_all.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_all.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_multipart.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_break_on_section.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_wholebook.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_chunker.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="fuse_html_user_head_content.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_olinks_use.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_callouts_use.xsl"/>

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_titlepage.xsl" /> 

<xsl:import href="ziona_html_override_abstract.xsl" /> 

<xsl:import href="fuse_footer_content.xsl"/>

<xsl:output method="saxon:xhtml" /> 


However, it does not seem to have any effect at all on the output. What
am I missing?

Eric J.

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