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Subject: Re: background image for the rear cover page

Nancy Brandt <nancy_brndt <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Hello my friends,     Owing to your various suggestions, and to Bob Stayton's
book, I have successfully created a front cover page (with a background image)
by customizing the titlepage-first pagemaster in pagesetup.xsl. Now, I would
like to create a rear cover page by putting a background image on the last page
in a document. Does anybody have an idea how to do it? I haven't seen any
template which handles the last document page.     Please advise!     Thanks in
advance   Nancy 

Nancy Brandt wrote:
> Hi dear John,
> First of all, thank you for trying to help me :-) I appreciate that!
> What I need is to produce a background image for my last book page, in
> order for it to function as a rear book cover. As far as I understood,
> your need was to add a PDF doc in one of your appendices.

I didn't understand that technique (modifying pagesetup.xsl), but I'm
thinking that whatever you did to customise the title page for a book,
you could do the same for the title page for an appendix, so:

1) Add an appendix like this:
<appendix role="back-cover">
      <imagedata fileref="back-cover.jpg" .../>

This appendix will be the last page in your book.

2) Customise the template that generates the title page for an appendix,
making sure that it is activated only for appendices where

This customisation should:

1) Suppress the printing of "Appendix A" or whatever
2) Suppress page headers and footers
3) Set margins, font sizes, line spacing, etc. to 0

Instead of having a page with "Appendix A" and a graphic scaled (or
cropped maybe) to fit in the page margins, you would have a page with
the graphic taking up the entire page, assuming that the graphic is the
size of of a page (or you could scale to fit). Being a newbie, I don't
know exactly how to do this.

> Unfortunately, I haven't seen the final implemetation of your
> customization as the link to it is dead. May I  somehow look at your
> final custom xsl version?

The attached
customisation layer shows how to define and use a custom page master as
described above. This allowed my 8.5in X 11in <mediaobject> to take up
the entire page. My template customises the *back pages* of the
appendix, but you would need to customise the title page.

> Thanks in advance!
> My best wishes,
> Nancy

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