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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] syntax highlighting doesn't work, nor throws errors.

Juri Memmert wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Mike wrote:
>> Sure, actually, now I've switched to this one, mfsite.xsl, here it is:
> This is most peculiar.
> I replaced the stylesheet styles/custimization.html.xsl with the one you
> provided and adjusted the paths so that chunk.xsl, common.xsl and
> highlight.xsl can be found in my configuration and... guess what?
> I get properly marked-up HTML.
> Now, what I do NOT have is the stylesheet (docbook.css), of course. And
> I don't even dare asking whether you're overriding the <b> tag in there,
> for that's what makes up the whole markup...
> But that's about the last idea... for when I use your command-line in
> the test directory (with adjusted paths), I do get the highlights.
> So, even if you think I am a moron for even suggesting it, could you
> check your stylesheet for any formatting on the <b>?

No no, at this point I've run out of ideas anyway! I appreciate the attempt,

I only just added the docbook.css recently. It's the bsd docbook, first 
on the list here:


Before that I had no css, and still no highlighting.  Does the syntax 
highlighting need a specific docbook? I was thinking it might, but when 
I view source on the html, there's no, like <span> tags in the code or 
anything anyway.  And of course, I still get that error when I do the 

There's probably something else in your build.xml that I need to add to 
my line command... some flag or something...

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