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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xlstproc questions (was: CSS begging)

Setting the PATH should probably be done in your batch file:
SET PATH=c:\rubberducky\xslttools;%PATH%
This sets your own dir for xsltproc ahead of the rest of the system's paths (i.e. %PATH%).
You can also set it permanently via "Start => Control Panel => System => Advanced => Environment Variables" and then edit the paths similar to above.
I use a batch file to set all of my XSLTPROC command line parameters so I can use the same parameters every time. I'm not as young as I used to be and don't remember command line switches that I don't use every day.
Dean Nelson
-----This is an example of an FO and HTML output from XSLTPROC ----
@SET PATH=c:\rubberducky\xslttools;%PATH%
@set MASTER_DOC=myDocbookFile
@set STYLE_PDF=myFOStylesheetFile
@set STYLE_HTML=myHTMLStylesheetFile
@set XSLTPROC_TIMING= --timing
@set XSLTPROC_NOVALID= --novalid
@set XSLTPROC_XINCLUDE= --xinclude
@set XSLTPROC_NET= --nonet
@set XSLTPROC_PARAMS= --param use.extensions 0
@REM -- This command calls XSLTPROC for FO -----
@REM -- This command calls XSLTPROC for HTML -----

In a message dated 05/16/09 10:46:17 Pacific Daylight Time, davep@dpawson.co.uk writes:
Karen Schneider wrote:

> For Windows users, is it common usage to create a batch file for
> xsltproc that substitutes as a kind of Makefile to document processes?
> Also, I had trouble with DOS path names in my xsltproc commands and
> the Windows (really, DOS...) guidance for xsltproc I found on the web
> seemed vague.

I found Windows path names so odd, that I stayed with Java,
which lets me use / as the path separator, hence reducing
the complexity.
Basic advice. Use a setup that has *no* spaces in all the pathnames.

> Finally, if anyone has really precise instructions for permanently
> setting the path for xsltproc, that would be great. Most directions on
> the Web are vague (try googling: your computer's environment variable
> xsltproc) and I had to ask a couple of friends who like me hadn't done
> anything like this in, oh... a decade.

I haven't used xsltproc for XSLT transforms, just Daniels software
for xInclude.

I will try and do a shell script version of my setup, but I doubt
it will be ready in the next day or two.

(Then it's liable to be bash, I doubt I could get a Windows setup
working with the Dos shell!)


Dave Pawson

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