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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Graphs in docbook?

On 07/22/2009 06:26 AM, DeanNelson wrote:
> Yes, Dave, I have had the same thoughts. I wonder if there is an XML
> based graph and chart thingy that could handle something like
> <graph type="line">
> <title> Profits </title>
> <data>
> <x>30</x>
> <x>40</x>
> <x>50</x>
> <y>10</y>
> <y>20</y>
> <y>30</y>
> </data>
> </graph>
> I wonder if this could be translated into SVG....

Basics are:
Title (if 'formal')
Axis labelling (I'd accept something very simple to start with).
Then as you have, the pairs of values (X,Y).

Not sure if anything else is wanted?

I've done it before, just as an exercise.
Scaling might be an issue though.



<pt> <x>30</x>   <y>40</y> </pt>
though, just to keep it clean?


Dave Pawson

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