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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Frames like HTML view of TOC and document

>>>>> "AL" == Aaron Larson <Aaron@LarsonsOnline.net> writes:

>>>>> "TD" == Thomas Dobbs <tomdobbs@pluck.com> writes:
TD> jQuery has several plugins that give you resizable handles you can
TD> attach to any page element. 

AL> ... My desire is something that didn't affect the HTML output.  I
AL> think I can get it to work with just a little bit of javascript.
AL> That has the side benefit that if someone doesn't enable
AL> javascript, then there will be no unexpected results.

AL> One thing surprised me in my jQuery example, namely that the
AL> browser forward and back buttons no longer work.  That would be a
AL> show stopper for me.  However it is certainly possible it is
AL> something I've got messed up, or perhaps there is a work around.

I finally got something to work that I'm reasonably happy with.  I
used jquery to provide a resizable and collapsible table of contents
with a side pane using style sheets and a bit of custom javascript.
It requires only a tiny bit of modification to the resulting .html
file (to add a reference to the javascript file), and no modifications
to any XSL stylesheets.

The reason I say "reasonably happy" is that the display in IE doesn't
work quite right.  I can't get it to stop wrapping whitespace in the
toc pane.  Now that the holiday season is just about over for me, I
won't have much more time to play for a bit, so if anyone is
interested, I can send you (or post) the jquery instructions and the
custom javascript and CSS.  I really don't think its quite ready for
prime time though, so unless you are willing to hack on it, I wouldn't
get too excited.

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