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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] dynamic chunk.section.depth

Hi Tim,
I messed about with something related a couple of years ago.
What I implemented was a negative number on the chunk.section.depth to say
chunk to within that "section height" of the node tree leaves.
I think there was a little bit of freedom because you could 
add the odd "simplesect" leaf, which were terminal non-chunking nodes anyway.
Of course you need to pay very close attention to your document structure
if you tried this - I was transforming a highly structured ontology, so 
it worked adequately for me.

I think calculating the number of section children was a bit intensive though,
specially for TOC generation. The logic was embedded in the tabular-toc
contrib module, somewhere ...


On Sat, 17 Apr 2010, Tim Arnold wrote:
> Hi,
> I suppose it is impossible to set the chunk.section.depth dynamically, but
> maybe some of you will have an idea about how to solve my problem.
> For the most part we want our documents chunked to a depth of 2. Some
> sections however are very mathematically dense and/or long, which can lead
> to some very heavy HTML pages. For these dense sections we'd like to chunk
> to a depth of 3.
> My first guess is that I will customize the chunk template which determines
> what is or is not a chunk, maybe adding a parameter to that template to
> tell the section depth, but I'm not sure how to vary that within the
> document.
> any ideas?
> thanks,
> --Tim Arnold
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