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Subject: Re: DocBook Slides : a "single quote" character within <title>.*</title> must get escaped in the Javascript for the nav. ToC ...

>>>>> Mauritz Jeanson writes:

|  -----Original Message-----
|  From: Jochen Hayek 
|  ... as otherwise it's in the middle of a single quoted string, 
|  which obviously breaks it.
|  The effect is then, that the navigiational ToC does not show 
|  up at all.
|  Who would be so nice to fix this?

Fancy quoting style! ;-)

> I don't notice any problems with single quotes in titles. 
> Please provide more details, 
> such as a small sample document
> and the exact steps needed to reproduce the error.

Pls have a look at the Javascript code in toc.html,
actually *just* *any* toc.html,
e.g. take any of your own :

    subList.addItem('<div id="id2541031" class="toc-foil"><img alt="-" src="../graphics/toc/bullet.png"><\/img><a href="foil108.html" target="foil">Recap and What s Next<\/a><\/div>');
    myList.addList(subList, '<div id="id2540837" class="toc-foilgroup"><a href="foilgroup16.html" target="foil">14. Scala Tools, Libraries, and IDE Support<\/a><\/div>');

You can imagine the original titles, right?
And imagine a "'" in there and here in the Javascript code here!

And look in what Javascript string the title is embedded!

Pls find my minimal example here:


and (pls!) recognize, that there is no functional navigational ToC!

I always start at frames.html, but "your mileage may vary".

I assume, you also know already
(so maybe there is a newcomer, who might read this "valuable hint"),

that all these DocBook Slides directories *best* live next to their
brethren frames1 through frames7 and all the others.

Kind regards,
Jochen, the rough+rude Hun ;-)

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