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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: DocBook Slides : a "single quote" character within <title>.*</title> must get escaped in the Javascript for the nav. ToC ...

|  -----Original Message-----
|  From: Jochen Hayek 
|  Pls have a look at the Javascript code in toc.html,
|  actually *just* *any* toc.html,
|  e.g. take any of your own :
|      subList.addItem('<div id="id2541031" 
|  class="toc-foil"><img alt="-" 
|  src="../graphics/toc/bullet.png"><\/img><a 
|  href="foil108.html" target="foil">Recap and What s 
|  Next<\/a><\/div>');
|      myList.addList(subList, '<div id="id2540837" 
|  class="toc-foilgroup"><a href="foilgroup16.html" 
|  target="foil">14. Scala Tools, Libraries, and IDE 
|  Support<\/a><\/div>');

OK, now I understand (it would have helped if you had said from the start
that you are using the "dynamic ToC" feature).

The problem is in frames.xsl. The output of title or titleabbrev should be
wrapped in a call to the string.subst template, but it isn't. This has been
fixed since Slides 3.4.0 was released, in the version of frames.xsl that
comes with the regular DocBook-XSL release.   


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