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Subject: Re: qanda listings in html output

I found why the weird spacing and have kludged a fix:

In <db style sheets 1.75.2>/html/qandasets.xsl the label is put in a
paragraph ("<p></p>") which causes the funny offset since each entry
is a table row with two columns.  I removed paragraph blocks from both
cells for question and answer.  That seemed to take care of the

I also found that the default column width for the first column is 1%
which is not enough for more than a single character.  I changed the
width in the style sheet to 4% which shows better.  I think there
might be parameters to change  that width but I haven't tried that

I believe the first issue is a bug, and the second issue may not be a
bug but it is a nuisance.



Thomas M. Browder, Jr.
Niceville, Florida

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