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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] removing elements and attrs from <title>

On 11/11/2010 1:44 AM, Cramer, David W (David) wrote:
> Interesting idea about removing xml:id from titles. Try the
> following: ...
> That seems to work...not sure if it's the best/easiest way.

Yes, that gets rid of the xml:id attr in titles.  Thanks!

> I think to remove remark you just add the following inside
> your<include>:
> <define name="db.remark"> <notAllowed/> </define>

Sorry, I wasn't clear; I *only* want to remove <remark> from inside 
<title>, whereas the above removes it everywhere.  The problem is that 
there is something about the <title> defn in DB5 that prevents any 
changes to its content elements.  Even the ff. minimalist defn triggers 
the "interleave" error msg:
   <define name="db.title">
     <element name="title">

BTW, the reason I want to make these two changes has to do with our 
processing to produce a PDF (what you call a "toolchain", I think).  Our 
output method doesn't allow xrefs to titles (which is the only use we're 
making of xml:id).  And it appears that the LaTeX macro I cribbed for 
outputting <remark>s with a colored background (to make them easy to 
see) goes into an infinite loop when the <remark> (or the LaTeX 
\comment{} command that this gets translated into) is inside a title 
(\title{}).  Maybe I'll go back and try to figure out why the LaTeX 
macro does that, instead of prohibiting <remark>s inside <title>s...
	Mike Maxwell

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