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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] GSoC 2011 project idea: DocBook Slides 5.0

> I intend to add
> content and presentation-specific structure elements but keep the style
> elements minimal. 


If I review my approach, styling directly in the source code is very rare.
It is just font size which can be overridden by two named values (small and
x-small). I had been resisting against it for a long time, but finally gave
up :-( There were too many requests for it. No color highlighting is used,
just emphasis with the 'bold' role. Some images are centered. 

The rest is styled using templates. It doesn't necessarily mean the final
slides are ugly. If the template itself is well designed with decent
graphics, watermark and it differs for intro/outro/section/special/common
slides, the result doesn't have to be so bad.

Why no color? We use different background colors and some combinations
doesn't look good. In the near future a corporate identity switch is planned
and nobody knows what colors will be preferred then. Black text is versatile

I'll prepare list of issues I've met during preparation of mentioned
templates. I think these user requests will be common regardless companies.


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