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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [GSOC] About DocBook WebHelp Project

Hi David, Stefan, and Kasun,

Since past few days I had our 3rd year individual project evaluations,
I could not keep actively this thread..It was finished yesterday and
now I have more time to involve with webhelp project..But during my
last busy days, I have gone through lot of resources about webhelp and
got familiar with docbook and webhelp..

>> To further your exploration, if you like IDEs and build-in
>> convenience, you should check out the oXygen XML Editor [1]. It's
>> commercial, but they're generous with licenses for people working on
>> open source projects. They also include Webhelp from the previous GSoC
>> and the webhelp output in the svn tree [2] includes code that they
>> have contributed back. oXygen includes assisted authoring for writing
>> DocBook documents, xslts, xproc pipelines, etc.

As David said,  I downloaded oXygen XML Editor. Even though I
downloaded it I could not go through it too much..I will get familiar
with it as soon as possible..

>> I'd encourage you to explore XPath and XSLT. XSLT can be a bit
>> mind-bending at first, but is fun and powerful in the long run. Use
>> some resources on the web. The DocBook xsls are a great way to learn
>> xslt since they exercise so many features.

I followed a great tutorial about XPath and XSLT and gathered good
background knowledge about both of them..According to my point of
view, XPath is a language which is used to navigate through the XML
documents and XSLT is used to transform XML documents into XHTML or
any other type of document. Now I familiar with lots of XSLT and XPath
Elements, their usages and developed a XML and XSL documents my self
and converted them to HTML. Then what should I follow about Webhelp's

>> But before all that additional exploration, your real next step is to
>> put together a proposal!

I made a draft proposal for webhelp project as a Google doc  and
shared it.When I get more details about Webhelp and its features, I
will update it properly. And I will appreciate very much if you can
guide me to create a strong proposal to webhelp.

>> addition to the ideas on the Webhelp ideas
>> page on the xmlpress wiki [6]. I'll be happy to priorities the
>> features presented there, and others on this list using webhelp will
>> have their own ideas on what should be added, changed, or improved in
>> webhelp and what the priorities should be.

I have gone through the priority feature list and searched about some
of them. To get more knowledge about these features, what should I do?
What are the resources I should follow.?

Now I am going to read webhelp documentation, gather knowledge about
XProc and do some GUI testing of webhelp in different browsers. I have
found some differences in different browsers and I will inform you
about them in near future. Since now I have more time to dedicate to
this project, please advise me to get more knowledge about Webhelp

Thank you in advance..!!

Visitha Warna Baddegama
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka

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