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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook and OXygen Xml Editor

On 27/08/2012 07:20, Radu Coravu wrote:
Hi Paul,

Please see some answers below:

1. If I create a table within Docbook it creates a header, but if I create a table by copying the table the table data from a (openoffice) spreadsheet it doesn't make the first column into a table header, how can I convert the first field into a table header ?
....So you could try to look in it and see if you can change it to generate also a <thead> for each table.

Hi, thanks for the detailed answer but all I meant was that I accept the data is pasted into Oxygen the way it is, but once you have a table in Oxygen is there not a way to make the the first row a table header row form within Oxygen. In the end I got round this by going to text mode and manually copying and pasting the thead from another docbook created table.

2. Chunking html is creating a seperate file for each main section, section 2, section 3 ectera but I want it to create a html page for section 2, section2.1, section 2.2 ... how do I do this within Oxygen ?

If you edit the "DocBook HTML - Chunk" transformation scenario, there is a "Parameters" button. It contains a list of XSLT parameters which can be used to customize the Docbook XSLT transformation. You should look at the "chunk.*" parameters, especially at the "chunk.section.depth" parameter.
Hi, I did go here first but the Edit option was greyed out. Now realized I have to duplicate the docbook scenarios that I want for my project, and then edit them, now works thanks.

3. If I Use Docbook5/Insert Table I can specify the size of the table but if i use Insert List Item it just creates a list of size 1, there seems then to add the second list item I have to do the insert again, sure there must be an easier way ?

If the caret is at the end of the current edited list item, just press ENTER. The first proposal should be something like "Split listitem".
Okay, found that but it is still quite annoying, that you have to press ENTER twice at the end of each row, I'd suggest that just pressing ENTER (Or CNTL-ENTER) should create the next item.

4. If I'm in the main editing window and have Section3, section 3.2 and then I want to create a new section 4 how do I do that, it always creates section 3.3 instead. I can do this from the outline view by selecting Section 3 and choosing Insert After/Section but isn't there a way to do it from the main edit window.

Basically you need to position the caret in the right location in order to insert the proper section. On the Author toolbar there is a drop down button in which you can choose the view the XML document with "Full Tags". This should allow you to place the caret in the parent "Section 2" instead of having it in the "Section 3" before inserting the section. If you do not use "Full Tags" Oxygen also has a position tooltip which can be used to navigate using the arrow keys to the proper location where the section should be inserted.
Cannot find this option, but even without this I should be able to do what I want, shouldnt I ?.
Currently I have Section 3, section3.1 and section 4
I want to create a new Section 4 so that section 4 becomes section 5, so we have Section 3, section 3.1, section 4 and section 5.

If I position caret at the end of title for section3 and insert section it creates a new section before section3.1, bot what I want. If I position caret at end of section section 3.1 it creates a section 3.2 instead of a section 4.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could go to end of section 3.1 create section 3.2, and then click on new section 3.2 and convert it to section 4 by promoting it to a higher level section but I cannot see any option of this type.

thanks Paul

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