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Subject: [docbook-apps] In webhelp 1.78.1, local links don't work

I've been unable to implement 1.78.1 webhelp because fragment hrefs (generated from local links and olinks) don't seem to work. For example, clicking this link does nothing when the target is in the same chunk:

    <a class="link" href="ch01.html#testtarget">Test local link</a>

Local links like this do work in my 1.77.1 implementation.

To reproduce, add a target and a link to it in the same chunk. For example, I added this to the Intro chapter of the stock ns 1.78.1 webhelp/readme.xml:

    <link linkend="testtarget">Test local link</link>
    <listitem xml:id="testtarget">

Then run ant webhelp to build the readme: it generates the expected link but clicking the link does nothing.

When I do the same test in in 1.77.1, the link works. I tested the non-ns stylesheets with the same results.

Interestingly, if you paste the same link into another chunk (so it's not local to the same output file), it works. To diagnose, I replaced the whole head element in the generated 1.78.1 HTML file with the one in the 1.77.1 file.

That fixed the link, so I suspect a problem in the referenced JS files (jquery, etc). That's as far as I've taken it -- not sure how to debug those suckers.

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