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Subject: Re: minutes

/ Michael Sabrio <rms@fpk.hp.com> was heard to say:
| By the way, I found http://www.pearsoneducation.com/ (these guys own
| a ton of companies you've heard of!), but can someone remind me of the

Amazing, isn't it?

| URL Sunthar recommended we look at?  He had it written on his nametag.


| I'm still not quite sure of the DocBook 4.0 -> 5.0 change:
| Do we have a specific list of the backward incompatibilities to be
| introduced in 5.0 because of XMLification?  Or will we just make a
| general remark?  In particular, can we say something specific in 4.0
| about where IndexTerms will no longer be allowed in 5.0 because of
| the disappearance of inclusions?

In addition to the specific FUs, I had intended to summarize the
sorts of changes that 5.0 will introduce because of XML issues.
An explicit list of everyplace that indexterm is no longer
allowed would be quite difficult to construct, I think, since
they're allowed *everywhere* now.

But you will have 4.0//EN//XML to compare against, does that


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