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Subject: Re: DocBook V4.0beta1

/ Michael Sabrio <rms@fpk.hp.com> was heard to say:
| We have a lot of material that uses Command inline like this:
|     <Command>cat <Optional><Option>-v</Option></Optional>
|                  <Optional><Replaceable>file</Replaceable></Optional>
|     </Command>

Yipes! We've got to allow that!

| Is there any way we could remove Command and Literal from the list of
| elements to be restricted to %smallcptr.char.mix in 4.0?

That's one option, and it might be the best thing, but is there
anything you really want other than Option and Optional? I mean,
would (%smallcptr.char.mix;|option|optional)* work for you? (I
have reservations about option and optional in literal, but
since you've got significant legacy, I won't argue the point :-)


P.S. Wouldn't

<arg choice="req"><replaceable>file</replaceable></arg></cmdsynop>

express the semantics better? (I'm looking at <optional><option> and
my first reaction is "eewww" :-)

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                                    | in 91-155

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