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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] [Mary McRae] RE: Status of Naming and Design Rules

Norman Walsh wrote:
> Per my action to get a copy of the OASIS Naming and Design Rules
> document for our review, I've been told that it's undergoing a
> major rewrite and will be available for member comment as soon
> as the editor is finished.

Then the question is whether we want to wait for this rewrite. I would 
like to get concensus about DocBook namespace name as soon as possible. 
I think that this is important for providers of DocBook tools. They will 
not like changes of namespace URI in the middle of their tools development.

For example XML Mind XML Editor which is at this time probably only one 
editor that provides WYSIWYG XML editing guided with RELAX NG has free 
personal version. However this free version can edit only documents in 
no-namespace or in XHTML namespace. Authors of editor promised me that 
they will unlock DocBook namespace in this free version so there will be 
free-of-charge visual DocBook editor that will be driven by RELAX NG 
schema. I think that it will be very cool if there will be such editor 
available when we will announce DocBook 5.0, but we should give some 
time to XXE developers to hardwire DocBook namespace into their product.


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