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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] [Mary McRae] RE: Status of Naming and Design Rules

I think this would also affect the folks over at OxygenXML, which also 
provides some DocBook-specific features as well as RelaxNG support...

Best regards,


Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Norman Walsh wrote:
>> Per my action to get a copy of the OASIS Naming and Design Rules
>> document for our review, I've been told that it's undergoing a
>> major rewrite and will be available for member comment as soon
>> as the editor is finished.
> Then the question is whether we want to wait for this rewrite. I would 
> like to get concensus about DocBook namespace name as soon as 
> possible. I think that this is important for providers of DocBook 
> tools. They will not like changes of namespace URI in the middle of 
> their tools development.
> For example XML Mind XML Editor which is at this time probably only 
> one editor that provides WYSIWYG XML editing guided with RELAX NG has 
> free personal version. However this free version can edit only 
> documents in no-namespace or in XHTML namespace. Authors of editor 
> promised me that they will unlock DocBook namespace in this free 
> version so there will be free-of-charge visual DocBook editor that 
> will be driven by RELAX NG schema. I think that it will be very cool 
> if there will be such editor available when we will announce DocBook 
> 5.0, but we should give some time to XXE developers to hardwire 
> DocBook namespace into their product.
>                     Jirka


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