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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] personblurb in address?

Thanks for your feedback on this issue. I'll have them treat it as a 
customization for the particular client.

I still think it would benefit the community to abstract out to the 
person element with a class attribute (to include author, editor, 
copyeditor, graphicdesigner, other, productioneditor, technicaleditor, 
translator) rather than author, editor and othercredit, IMO. This would 
be useful in more scenarios than generating an employee directory.

Thanks and best regards,


Steven Cogorno wrote:
> On Mar 17, 2006, at 3:37 AM, Nancy P Harrison wrote:
>     At the risk of roiling the waters...
>     While I agree that the best way to make Scott's task easier is to
>     have all the info in a 'person'-type element, rather than in the
>     address element, I'm not sure how adding a person element fulfills
>     our mission of supporting the delivery of technical documentation.
>     At the meeting yesterday, we specifically rejected an RFE for
>     being out-of-scope, and this request seems equally out-of-scope to
>     me. If a company really wants to create an employee directory in
>     DocBook, they already can, using [and maybe aliasing?] the
>     'othercredit' element, which matches author and editor in content. 
> I completely agree with Nancy. I company directory is definitely out 
> of scope for Docbook.
> -Steve




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