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Subject: FW: FW: Please clarify the request to allow inlineequation in label

I should have sent this out earlier.  Sorry, things have been very busy
around here.

In a follow-up eMail, Chris said that he has tested it and what he is
asking for works with the current transforms, it just is not valid.

I suspect that I would consider the information he is talking about as
the title of the Q and A entry, but the info block used in DocBook 5 for
qandaentry is the one without a title.  I guess it is just a question of
semantics ;-)


Larry Rowland

---------------------  Begin Forwarded Message

Larry Rowland,

I'm sorry about missing the first email. I missed it because it was
DocBook related and the "personal level" indicator had only one arrow
since the email was to me and to another address; I thought it was
just a reply to a thread in which I had participated.

I wanted to use label to display the inline text: "Minimize
f(x)=(x-10)^2" as the label for this question instead of the default


or, if you have Firefox and the MathML fonts (
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml/fonts/ ):


It would be nice to be allowed to have inline math in labels, IMHO.

Thank you for being persistent; I'm sure you're quite busy.

On 11/29/06, Rowland, Larry <larry.rowland@hp.com> wrote:
> Chris,
> I sent this to your gmail account, and haven't seen a reply.  Did I
> the reply or did I send it to the wrong address?  Thought I try this
> address to see if you missed it.
> Larry Rowland
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rowland, Larry
> Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 1:48 PM
> To: 'chris.chiasson@gmail.com'
> Cc: DocBook Technical Committee
> Subject: Please clarify the request to allow inlineequation in label
> Chris,
> We were looking at your request for adding inlineequation to the
> model of label (request 1589139 on source forge) at the DocBook
> yesterday.  There was a little confusion over exactly what the use
> was.
> The label element in DocBook is used to override the defaultlabel
> attribute on the qandaset, which is an enumerated type allowing none,
> number, and qanda.  When qanda is selected it produces
>   Q: To be or not to be?
>   A: That is the question.
> Overriding the value allows an author to do something like using an
> inlinemediaobject to provide an icon for the Q and A instead of the
> or other variants.
> It wasn't clear how allowing inlineequation in label would be used.
> example looked more like a question, or perhaps a title (which is a
> legal child of blockinfo, which is allowed in qandaentry, the parent
> question and answer).
> Before we can figure out how to respond to this request, we need a
> little more information on what you were trying to accomplish and why
> label was the most appropriate mechanism for it.  Some other possible
> solutions that come to mind are using the question, or the title of a
> formalpara in the question or answer or the title in blockinfo for the
> qandaentry.
> If you can provide a little more clarification, we can address this at
> the next meeting (which will be in January -- we are skipping the
> December meeting).
> Regards,
> Larry Rowland


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