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Subject: Re: [docbook-tc] A first stab at documenting assemblies

Scott Hudson <scott.hudson@flatironssolutions.com> writes:
> I think this has been very helpful, and shows the potential assemblies
> in increasing orders of complexity in a user-friendly manner. I think
> there is a typo in the 2nd para of 5. Example Assembling an Online
> Book. "but it will be in the long run" should be "but it will be
> better in the long run".


> I'd like to include an example of adding the relationships to your
> last example. Perhaps something like this:
> <relationship type="troubleshooting">
>  <instance resourceref="tut3"/>
>  <instance resourceref="tut5"/>
>  <instance resourceref="task4"/>
>  <instance resourceref="task3"/>
> </relationship>
> <relationship type="widget">
> </relationship>
> <relationship type="tutorial">
> </relationship>
> <relationship type="task">
> </relationship>

Ok, but what are the processing expectations of these elements? What
does the processor do with them?

At a high level, the model I've documented so far starts with a collection
of resources and an assembly document. The assembly document describes how
a set of resources is composed (and possibly transformed) into a new

Do relationship elements fit into that model?

                                        Be seeing you,

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http://nwalsh.com/            | outside, squirrels stick to my clothes.

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