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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: modular architecture with DocBook

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

> Depends what platforms it has to run on and whether you want free tools
> or have a budget. IMHO, nothing beats Emacs+PSGML-mode (or my own
> DocBook IDE mode hack, for that matter) as a free, cross-platform
> tool.

Agreed -- but I never used something else than Emacs/PSGML (I've still
to check out your IDE!).  One thing missing is a fancy ID/IDREF
manager.  If you're interested in more colors load François Pinard's
add-on xxml.el:


> Arbortext and SoftQuad both make commercial tools for editing XML.
> (As do others, I'm sure.)

> Uhm. Well, that'd be an authoring issue. I wouldn't be surprised to
> learn that (one of) the Emacs spell checkers supports Hungarian, but
> I've never had cause to check.

There's a hack to make ispell work for SGML documents (sorry, I lost the
pointer temporarily).

> | XML Spy and XMetal can import MS Word documents,

> Dragging unstructured markup uphill is always painful.

Of course.  But you can use most of the text processors as a structural
editor.  Look at the document you wish to convert: if "soft" formatting
(StarOffice terminology) is used you're in business.  That's how I used
a text processor and its macro language around 1990 when I didn't know
noting about Emacs ;)

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     : http://www.suse.de/~ke/             |         ------   _-\_<,
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