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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Use of DocBook for magazine articles?

Hi Bob:

	I'm using DocBook for while and right now I spend lot of my time
studying DSSSL exactly to create a on-line magazine here in Brazil about
Unix (mostly Linux).

DuCharme, Bob (LNG) wrote:

> I see that DocBook has element types for article and (unlike NITF!) sidebar.
> Can anyone tell me about real-world uses of DocBook for magazine publishing?
> thanks,
> Bob DuCharme
> Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis
> Data Architecture, Editorial Systems and Content Engineering


Lucas Brasilino
Emprel -	Empresa Municipal de Informatica (pt_BR)
		Municipal Computing Enterprise (en_US)
Recife - Pernambuco - Brasil
Fone: +55-81-34167078

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