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Subject: DOCBOOK: itemized list within <para> or after </para>??

  ok, this is *really* anal retentive, but i'll bet folks have
an opinion on it.

  if i want an opening paragraph, followed by a list, as in:

  Before you try to make your own beer, you should have the
following at hand:

  * hops
  * barley
  * water
  * hard liquor for when you get frustrated

  is it proper to make the itemized list a sub-element of the
paragraph, or to close the <para> and have the itemized list
as the next element at the same level?

  aesthetically, it doesn't appear to make any difference, but
TDG under "Para" suggests that "Some processing systems may find 
the presence of block elements in a paragraph difficult to
handle". (p. 351)

  so, any strong opinions either way?

Robert P. J. Day, RHCE, RHCI
Eno River Technologies, Chapel Hill NC
Unix, Linux and Open Source corporate training


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