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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: argh ... how do i define page breaks using CSS?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   probably off topic for this list, but the only outstanding
> issue i have is how to force page breaks before each "<section>".
> and by that, i mean each section, regardless of its level.
>   what i want is a CSS definition that lets me say i want a
> page break before every <chapter> element and every <section>
> element.  as it stands, i get a page break before every
> first-level section in a chapter, and that's it.  i've checked
> on google, added what looks like the right directive to the
> css file -- no luck.

uhm, what is a page in html ? Are you talking about getting
separate html files for sections ? That's done with the chunker,
and there are parameters in the xsl stylesheets to control the
granularity of the chunks.

I can't see how css relates to pages, but may be you are talking
about something entirely different.


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