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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: errors ... but where

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 10:16:38AM -0500, Grobe, Gary wrote:
> Ok, just a bit confused on the way I'm reading the DocBook Element
> References now. The ref page for <sect1> says it takes <bridgehead> as a
> child. Doesn't that mean that I can nest <bridgehead> inside a <sect1> tag
> ... as follows?
> <sect1>
> <bridgehead>Test</bridgehead>
> <para>test</para>
> </sect1>

No, the ordering of children matters to some degree.
The "Children" section in the reference doesn't
provide ordering information. The "Content Model"
section does.   See the section "Understanding Content
Models" to figure it out.  

Basically the order after the sect1 start tag is:
1. optional sect1info
2. required title, optional subtitle, optional titleabbrev
3. optional toc, lot, etc.
4. a mix of other content (including bridgehead).

The only required child is title.

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