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Subject: Re: Fw: DOCBOOK: programlisting

At (time_t)1029508812 ed nixon wrote:

> Sorry, John. Do you really describe that page as a "thorough" test?

Someone asked if CSS could do "X".  I said it could.  It was then
asked if browsers really supported it.  I found a page which to
my careless reading implied IE couldn't, then found another which
indicated it could, and decided to test it.

The test shows that IE, to some degree, follows the CSS standard
for matching an individual word in a space-delimited list of
class attributes.  It also tests some minimal hierarchical
capabilities of selectors.

My suspicion is that if IE5 and above can't handle this
relatively simple level of selectors properly, then all the other
CSS-compliance issues would fade into insignificance, because
what's the point of being able to specify (for example) the size
of a box if you can't even trigger the rule?

I haven't been following the parent thread, so I don't know to
what use this is meant to be used, nor do I much care, although I
have thought before that setting multiple class values on
elements would make conversion of the DocBook stylesheets from
HTML-based presentation to CSS-based much easier.

John R. Daily

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